Star Top Cat Ragdolls

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Show News!!!

We are so very proud of all their progress on the show bench.

So far we have had 7 titled cats!! Three grand Champion and also 4 Champions all home bred!!!

Bertha became a champion in record time, she did it all in 2 weeks!!! She then went on to become a grand champion!

Tia became our 4th Champion!

Gizmo became a Grand Champion

Lilo also became a Champion. Which maked her only the 2nd ever lilac cat to become a UK champion.

Gertie also became a champion !

Not forgetting

Champion Startopcat Purple Rain
AKA Steve.

Best Colourpoint Male
CH Startopcat Purple Rain

Best Colorpoint Female
CH Startopcat Pride-N-Joy

Best Mitted Female
CH Startopcat Just-Bootiful

Best Mitted Ragdoll
CH Startopcat Just-Bootiful

Best Ragdoll Adult
CH Startopcat Just-Bootiful

Best Overall Ragdoll
CH Startopcat Just-Bootiful

Our cats have been awarded the followng...

Teddy became a Champion and then he went on to become a Grand Champion!